Message Recording Delayed By Technical Challenges

Our ministry has faced many unexpected challenges through the year 2020, and we anticipate the same if not more unexpected challenges during 2021. A challenge that our ministry did not expect however came when we started having technical issues when it comes to doing our recorded messages, sermons, and update videos. The Christmas season videos for 2020 were riddled with hiccups and production woes.

Rev. Steven D. Hofmeister
Rev. Steven D. HofmeisterSenior Pastor / President

“We are working on a shoestring, having halted services like weddings and such because of COVID-19 our piggy-bank is running very thin.”, Says Pastor Steve Hofmeister, the Founder and Senior Pastor of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland.

Pastor Steve Continued, “We are not currently blessed with quality equipment, we are using a second-hand tripod, a knock-off brand video camera we bought cheap on (, and a teleprompter setup constructed out of spare goodies I had laying around. In all honesty, I think we have been doing pretty good getting by.

I know we can do better with a little better planning and a lot of prayers. The various forms of technical challenges we have encountered include hardware failures, lack of media storage, and the length of time it takes to put everything together in a presentable package. We are not discouraged but have decided to stop the show [as it were] and regroup and reorganize our process.

We are hoping to start live streaming in some capacity in the near future but this brings about new considerations for when we start getting out and about in the communities once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed us by.”

As are praying to have everything smoothed out to restart production come February 2021. If you would like to make a donation toward improvement expenses for our video and live streaming ministry efforts, please visit our Donation Center Page.