Recently our ministry was given a very large donation of items to include the contents of a house to utilize for our ministry needs and the creation of Scott’s Pantry.

This large donation has been a major operation that would never have been successful without the help of the selfless volunteers who take their own time to lend a hand when needed to help grow this ministry and our works for the community. We had a team of over nine volunteers join forces to make this move possible. Without Volunteers such as these we would not be able to do the work for Christ and Community that we are out to accomplish.

These donated items will be organized, cataloged, and some will be liquidated to fund our various programs, ministries, and expenses. The items come from the home of Scott and Lisa List of Abingdon, Maryland. Scott passed on in April of 2021, and is the namesake for our new pantry and resource project for the homeless and in-need Scott’s Pantry.

We are always looking for willing volunteers in many different skill sets. If you would be interested in helping our ministry grow by donating your time and skills, please call us at 443-203-8238 x1002, or email us at

To make a monetary donation please visit

To donate to Scott’s Pantry please visit the Scott’s Pantry Website for instructions.