Mission Statement: 

We will purpose to do ‘All’ possible good as we follow in our Lord’s footsteps for securing traditional family values, faith, and freedom for generations to come.”

We seek to procure a governance that honors the establishment of

“One Nation Under God” and “In God We Trust.”

We are honored to announce the launch of our newest ministry project, The Reform-NOW Project. This project will be the heart of our kingdom-building activities within our ministry.

As you can find in the Frequently asked questions page of the project website,

Reform is a personal choice to change through purposeful steps. Reform is truly not a simple “flip-of-switch.” Instead, it is a long-planned mission to plow into your local community, seed, and water.

Reform is fostered by a vision to change the neighborhoods in your community. It is understanding that whether we be Protestant, Catholic, Pentecostal or non-Pentecostal, we are the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ who identify as a remnant extended beyond denominational barriers.

But why do our churches and communities need reformation?

Our churches are broken, and so are our communities.” So said Pastor Steve Hofmeister, the Senior Pastor and President of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland. “Look around in your community, or even your street; how many of your neighbors do you know?” Pastor Steve continued.

Pastor Steve explains, “There has become a great disconnect between people, and an even more significant disconnect from and within the church. When I say church, I mean the entire Christian body, not just individual denominations or church locations. So many people have come to see the church as a problem and not a source of a solution. It troubles me greatly. But reform must start in the community before we can take practical reform action in the church. Take the example of the first initiative The Reform-NOW project is taking on. That initiative is combatting the disturbing curriculum the State of Maryland Department of Education has laid out for health education, which you can learn more about by visiting the Save Our Children initiative on the Reform-now.org website. Besides the health curriculum is the discovery of some rather disturbing literature in the school media centers (libraries), which you can see examples of on the project site. We know this issue extends well beyond the state of Maryland, and the project will gladly work with other jurisdictions to take on this problem.

It is a blessing to have Rick Cech (pronounced CHECK) named as Director of The Reform Now Project and the outstanding team members and volunteers he builds to make these initiatives work. Rick is a visionary for Christ’s glory and quite the biblical scholar. I have all trust and confidence in his leadership of this project.” Pastor Steve concluded.

Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland serves as the backbone ministry of this project. The project is quickly building an interdenominational coalition of Pastors and Christian Clergy. They align with the project’s positional views and the need for reform and combatting the initiatives the project is taking on. The project also aims to interview candidates for the upcoming elections and identify those candidates that support and align with these reformation needs. You will be able to see a listing of these candidates when it becomes available on the Reform-now.org website.