It brings us great joy to announce that we have created a dedicated website for The Quick Points with Pastor Steve Podcast. The Quick Points with Pastor Steve Podcast deals with topics of everyday life and how the Bible addresses them. Listeners can submit their questions and topic suggestions via email or audio recording (available through the new website).

The podcast episodes are hosted on Spotify®. Spotify® subscribers can listen to full versions of songs Pastor Steve incorporates in the episodes. "The purpose of the new website is so we can provide episode transcripts and links to content that is mentioned in the episodes.", said Pastor Steve Hofmeister. Pastor Steve hosts and produces this podcast through Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland, where he serves as Senior Pastor and President. "This new resource we hope will make the "QPWPS" podcast a valuable tool in the growth of the listener." Continued Pastor Steve.

You can find the new website for the podcast at or under the cyber-ministry menu at the top of the Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland websiteYou can also search Spotify® for (Quick Points with Pastor Steve) to listen to the podcast through your Spotify® App.

New episodes are released weekly, and we really need your topic suggestions. You can send us your topic suggestions by email to