New Class – Biblical Citizenship In Modern America – Online Interactive Course

We are so excited to announce the newest class to our offerings. Pastor Steve Hofmeister has recently become a Licensed Constitution Coach through the Patriot Academy. As a result he is able to provide these amazing programs for both online and in person sessions. Biblical Citizenship In Modern America is an 8 session “Webinar Style” class that explores the Christian roots of the United States Constitutions and Bill of Rights. It is packed with a lot of information of both Christian and general historical value and a must for every Christian in Pastor Steve’s point of view.

We will be offering a shorter “Lunch Break” version of this program when it becomes available.

This is only one of the Christian Friendly Course offerings that are available through Patriot Academy that we plan to offer.

You can register for the first offering of the 8 session Biblical Citizenship In Modern America Course by using the button below or visiting