Give-A-Bible Program Makes Delivery

I met this great gentleman who reached out on a Facebook group I co-admin called Christians Helping Christians. Brother Henry was looking for help obtaining Bibles for his four children, his wife, and himself so that they had matching translations in order to grow their ministry and properly teach their children.

Give-A-Bible Program Makes Delivery2021-01-16T21:54:26-05:00

Donate To Support Our Give-A-Bible Program

A $5.00 Donation Buys 1 Bible. A $50.00 Donation Buys a Case of 18. We hand these Bibles out to people who do not have one as an outreach tool for our ministry. Small tracts are nice, but why share a piece of God's Word when you can put the Whole Word right in their hand. Many we encounter have never heard God's word let alone even seen a Bible. Help Us bring The Bible right to their hand so they can experience the word first hand. We also purchase specialty Bibles for Children and other specific groups needing different media. These are more costly by far.

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Long-Awaited Shipment of NLT Bibles Arrive

Today we received a brand new shipment of paperback NLT Bibles that we will have to give to those who need them. We love having materials such as these available because telling someone about Jesus Christ and the Glory of God's Kingdom is great, but having the ability to place it right in their hands is even better.

Long-Awaited Shipment of NLT Bibles Arrive2021-01-16T21:53:09-05:00

The Annual Pagan Origin Debate over Christmas

Recently on a Christian Group on Facebook (intentionally kept nameless), I commented in on a heated debate over the origins of Christmas. There was a large portion of people arguing that we should not participate in Christmas Festivities because they are of Pagan Origin and therefore against God. Some of the aspects of these group's conversations identified Santa Claus as Satan and nit-picked the secular and cultural inclusions of the Christmas Season.

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Our Zazzle Store

Check out our unique products with designs made by our own Staff & Volunteers. We have T-Shirts, Key Chains, Mugs, Golf Balls,

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