The COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of disruption worldwide. For us it delayed arrival of outreach materials we are hoping to put into use once the smoke clears from this pandemic.

Today we received a brand new shipment of paperback NLT Bibles that we will have to give to those who need them. We love having materials such as these available because telling someone about Jesus Christ and the Glory of God’s Kingdom is great, but having the ability to place it right in their hands is even better.

These bibles cost us around $50.00 for a case of 18, so donations to keep them on hand are greatly appreciated. To contribute to our Give A Bible Fund, visit

You can contribute to the general give a bible fund, or you can go to the supplier website directly from this page and order them directly to ship to us. We also are accepting donations for other aspects of our ministry through our supportful page as well.