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A Dream and a Prayer Set The Course For a New Ministry Project

At around 10:30PM on a cold fall night, Pastor Steve’s mobile phone rings in that special way that signals someone in need is reaching out for help. He answers the phone and speaks with a young couple who were currently homeless and searching for food and warmth. Pastor Steve gets their information and proceeds to call around looking for immediate help resources for the couple. Unfortunately, at that time of night there was not much to work with. He rifles through his wallet hoping for a few dollars to at least get them something warm to eat, but comes up empty and there is no resources available through the depleted coffers of the ministry. Disturbed, Pastor Steve had to turn them away as well.

Tossing and turning in his bed, Pastor Steve fretted over the thought of the young, cold, and hungry couple. He prayed for them that they may find relief. Drifting off to sleep Pastor Steve dreamt about his brief time working with a youth program called the Young Marines. He remembered in the dream the prepackaged MRE’s (Meals Ready To Eat) that the kids used eat when on field activities. He awoke with the thought of why not keep a few cases of these on hand for moments like this. So with this thought Pastor Steve puts out a plea on social media looking for donations to obtain these, but instead gets a response much larger than expected.

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Pastor Steve received a response from a local lady who said that She and her husband had a significant stockpile of food and other items she wished to donate to the cause. She and her husband “Scott” who passed away the previous April had been stockpiling items since the year 2000. Not knowing what to expect Pastor Steve and a few helpers went to her home and discovered a large stockpile of food, and survival goods to include MRE’s. Though some of the items were significantly out of date, and had to be disposed of, there was still a hefty amount of things that could come of use. It was suggested by a helper being paid by the widow that we should consider starting a pantry and name it after the widow. When this was suggested to the widow she said, instead “Name it after Scott.” With that, the Scott’s Pantry Project was born.

Scott’s Pantry will provide food, clothing, and other available resources to anyone who is in need. This project is still in its infancy and could really use financial support and donations. We would still love to stock MRE’s. You can learn more about Scott’s Pantry by visiting Financial donations can be made at (select Scott’s Pantry). To donate other items please contact us by phone ot text at 443-203-8238 or by email at