We are so excited by the community’s response to our Sneaker Collection Fundraiser we call Soles For Souls!

–Pastor Steve Hofmeister

Tomorrow morning (7/26/2021) we will be shipping out the first batch of shoes to our recycling partner, a zero-waste facility where they will be graded, refurbished, or recycled. This program keeps shoes out of landfills and gives you a chance to get them out of your closet for a good cause.

We receive a monetary value based on their condition, which we will use to cover our expenses and expand our programs in Abingdon, MD, and surrounding communities.

Each batch bag we send holds roughly 10 pairs of sneakers depending on shoe size.

“We are so excited by the community’s response to this fundraising project!” Exclaimed Pastor Steve Hofmeister, The Senior Pastor and Founder of Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland. “The overwhelming community support, especially from the local businesses that have allowed us to post fliers, has been very reassuring. Of course, when doing stuff like this, you encounter some that won’t, but even in those cases, everyone was friendly.” concluded Pastor Steve

This fundraiser will continue indefinitely as long as there is community interest, so please keep us in mind and spread the word. This fundraiser is a great way to get your closets cleaned out and help a good cause, as well as the environment.

The greatest thing about this fundraiser, You are not required to buy anything. An additional monetary donation is appreciated but not required. So empty your closet instead of your wallet, help a growing Christian ministry and the environment all at once.

To get answers to your question or schedule a pick up / drop off: