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Give-A-Bible Program Makes Delivery

I met this great gentleman who reached out on a Facebook group I co-admin called Christians Helping Christians. Brother Henry was looking for help obtaining Bibles for his four children, his wife, and himself so that they had matching translations in order to grow their ministry and properly teach their children.

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Donate To Support Our Give-A-Bible Program

A $5.00 Donation Buys 1 Bible. A $50.00 Donation Buys a Case of 18. We hand these Bibles out to people who do not have one as an outreach tool for our ministry. Small tracts are nice, but why share a piece of God's Word when you can put the Whole Word right in their hand. Many we encounter have never heard God's word let alone even seen a Bible. Help Us bring The Bible right to their hand so they can experience the word first hand. We also purchase specialty Bibles for Children and other specific groups needing different media. These are more costly by far.

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Responses to a Social Media Muslim

I follow and participate in many Christian Groups on social media. Occasionally, a post will arise from Muslims contending that Christianity is blatantly wrong and present what they (The Poster) believe to be supporting facts and trick questions from our own Christian Bible to support the claim. I suppose one could turn the Qur’an around on them, but then I would find that inappropriate for a Christian to fight fire with fire. Instead, I have taken to answering the questions they present instead of just reading and denouncing blindly. In my extensive response to a poster, I have proceeded to take on each one of the large barrages of questions they presented with their (Assumed) Christian responses. I present an actual “Educated Christian” response.

Responses to a Social Media Muslim2021-01-16T21:54:45-05:00
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