Music brings us together in celebration

Music brings us together in celebration Music is an inspiring and fascinating celebration of social justice, breaking down the barriers

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Responses to a Social Media Muslim

I follow and participate in many Christian Groups on social media. Occasionally, a post will arise from Muslims contending that Christianity is blatantly wrong and present what they (The Poster) believe to be supporting facts and trick questions from our own Christian Bible to support the claim. I suppose one could turn the Qur’an around on them, but then I would find that inappropriate for a Christian to fight fire with fire. Instead, I have taken to answering the questions they present instead of just reading and denouncing blindly. In my extensive response to a poster, I have proceeded to take on each one of the large barrages of questions they presented with their (Assumed) Christian responses. I present an actual “Educated Christian” response.

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Harford County Christians Facebook Group Opens

Early this morning we launched another Facebook Group. We have focused this group on Harford County Maryland where we are established. This group is for any Christians who Live, Work, or Worship in Harford County, Maryland. It is also for those who want to learn more about Jesus Christ and becoming a Christian.

Harford County Christians Facebook Group Opens2021-01-16T21:55:15-05:00

Hopes For Spring

Everyday we work and pray for the continued growth and development of our ministry. We have strong hopes to kick things off

Hopes For Spring2021-01-16T21:57:26-05:00

Rebuking in the New Testament

I was recently speaking with a friend who posed an intriguing question. "Is it God's will, or for that matter appropriate for Christians to criticize or scold harshly Non-Believers or those who do differently than the bible says?"

Rebuking in the New Testament2021-01-16T21:57:45-05:00

Our Zazzle Store

Check out our unique products with designs made by our own Staff & Volunteers. We have T-Shirts, Key Chains, Mugs, Golf Balls,

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