Rebuking in the New Testament

I was recently speaking with a friend who posed an intriguing question. "Is it God's will, or for that matter appropriate for Christians to criticize or scold harshly Non-Believers or those who do differently than the bible says?"

Rebuking in the New Testament2021-01-16T21:57:45-05:00

The Annual Pagan Origin Debate over Christmas

Recently on a Christian Group on Facebook (intentionally kept nameless), I commented in on a heated debate over the origins of Christmas. There was a large portion of people arguing that we should not participate in Christmas Festivities because they are of Pagan Origin and therefore against God. Some of the aspects of these group's conversations identified Santa Claus as Satan and nit-picked the secular and cultural inclusions of the Christmas Season.

The Annual Pagan Origin Debate over Christmas2019-12-15T00:00:00-05:00
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