I recently decided that I should make a post here on my ministry blog regarding my position on the Universal Life Church.

The old saying, “If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is.” rings out very loud in this case.

Though I hold this certificate of ordination through this organization, I need to make it very clear. I believed there would be more training and depth to go with it when I acquired it.

This is the defining and primary reason I have halted any arrangements I may have had or public functions of ministry.  This is not how I intend to start my journey with the Holy Spirit.  This certificate may allow me to legally perform matrimonial services, but I do not see it as a satisfying commending of the (Christian Church) or that of the Holy Trinity.

I am, however, continuing my education in a reputable course of study through the Christian Leaders Institute, which is an education and training branch of Christian Leaders Ministries.  This Ministry has allowed me some great learning. It has also allowed me to meet some wonderful Christians, many who are on the same path.   My courses of study are leading me to an honest Christ Driven and properly trained ordination to be a Minister of God’s Word.  If you are considering entering the Christian Ministry, or just want to solidify your knowledge I highly recommend you check them out.  This is not a compensated endorsement in any way, it is deeply heartfelt.

I have also faced this question:

“Don’t you think it seems kind of conceited to have your credentials and everything all laid out on the table on your website?” 

To this, I offer this reply. 

I am indeed very proud of the hard work I am putting into being able to minister God’s Word. I am very thankful the Lord has provided me the means to do so.  I display my credentials and certifications publically and lay them at God’s feet as a testament of credibility and dedication to God Almighty.   I also layout my beliefs, practices, and guiding doctrine so that it may find those who are looking for the ministry and services I will offer.

May you all be blessed in the Holy Word, and the Wisdom Christ Jesus has provided,

Steven “Pastor Steve” Hofmeister


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