Where Did The YouTube Go?

September 16, 2022

As you may have noticed our YouTube channel has disappeared. Unfortunately, I, Pastor Steve Hofmeister, have to claim fault for this.

Recent privacy and censorship issues have caused us to abandon using some Google-related services. We have been migrating away from the Google Workspace platform we have been operating on for the last three years.

As part of this, I officially terminated our account with Google Workspace. Entirely to my negligence, I ignored the warning that stated it would close our Google Business Listing and YouTube Account. I also assumed I still had all the master videos from the sermon recordings in local storage. These local copies were lost to a drive failure last year. Being the YouTube account is permanently closed, there is no way to recover the video from YouTube. I am looking at this, though, in a positive light, as I believe we can reproduce these sermons with a much cleaner presentation. I do still have all the written notes. We have established a new channel and will be publicly releasing it soon.

We have observed that most video viewers watch our content as recordings, not live. Because of this, we will be ceasing the Sunday Afternoon Live presentation. Instead, we will be returning to pre-recording material and making it available on the ministry website and YouTube Channel. We can not justify the cost of paying for the live streaming resources, roughly $60.00 a month if we are not getting more than a handful of live viewers. Working on a very tight budget, this is a small fortune we can utilize elsewhere.

We are not dismayed by this; it is all part of the growing pains we knew we would face when starting our ministry. We keep moving forward; we do it for God’s glory, not our own. It will take some time to reproduce this material. In the meantime, audio versions are still available on our Anchor.fm resource https://anchor.fm/diakonosmd/.

Revised 9/29/2022

We have recently learned that there have been several conservative-minded and Christian content providers removed from platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo for "Violating Community Standards." Being this is happening, we will not be returning to having content on YouTube. We are evaluating platform options and will most likely will be either Self-Hosting our content or transitioning to Rumble. This is a fluid situation, and updates will follow as we have them.

Rev. Steven D. Hofmeister
Rev. Steven D. HofmeisterFounder, Senior Pastor, & President
Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland
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