Preparing For A New Year

It should be quite visual if you have visited any of DIMOM's websites lately, that we are making a lot of changes. Following Thanksgiving, we took all of our websites offline and rebuilt them from scratch. This had more to do with the software and technology behind the scenes than the sites' content.

Donate To Support Our Give-A-Bible Program

A $5.00 Donation Buys 1 Bible. A $50.00 Donation Buys a Case of 18. We hand these Bibles out to people who do not have one as an outreach tool for our ministry. Small tracts are nice, but why share a piece of God's Word when you can put the Whole Word right in their hand. Many we encounter have never heard God's word let alone even seen a Bible. Help Us bring The Bible right to their hand so they can experience the word first hand. We also purchase specialty Bibles for Children and other specific groups needing different media. These are more costly by far.

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