A Single Creator

I found my mind wandering into an exploration of creation. It was not an exploration of the act of creation or how creation commenced but the ownership of it. My pondering led me to consider that there is only one creator of everything.

Expect False Teaching

Have you noticed a lot of complaining, judging, pointing fingers, and arguing going on these days? One group is right about a particular issue, while those that oppose them are perceived to be evil, vile, or the source of everything wrong in the world.

Weathering The Storm

It has been a while since I wrote a blog article. In the unique situation I am in while writing this I find the extra time to catch up on things such as this. I am in a situation that has given me a lot of time to reflect on faith, and on this topic I want to share an illustrative story with you.

A Thankful Recovery

I make no secret of it that my health is less than perfect. I have recovered from more things in the past than most ever see in a lifetime. I frequently joke with hospital staff if they have finished the construction of my personal suite yet.

Hobbling Along

Hobbling Along “Religion is nothing but a crutch!” Oh, how many times I have heard people say that. I've never spoken up to someone who has said it in my presence in the past. Why, may you ask? Because the statement itself perplexed me, here is why. First off, [ Read More ]

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