What are your views on Same-Sex Marriage?

Our position on Same-Sex Marriage is that it is not biblically supported (See the book of Romans).  We have researched this intently when developing our Statement of Faith when founding this ministry.  We do not perform Same-Sex Marriage. We do not however judge those who differ in our position on this matter. We welcome all who have the interest to worship, learn, and fellowship with us. We will not judge a same-sex couple who has been joined under a different doctrine than we follow.  A "Church" is not supposed to be a place of judgment, it is supposed to be a place of community, healing, understanding, and teaching.  We are all sinners and fall short of the glory of Christ. If we recognize this and support each other regardless of our individual struggles with sin then we can be a stronger community of good. We are not the judges, juries, or executioners.  That's Jesus's department when the time comes.  We are commanded to love everyone. We recommend reading the Book of Romans in the Bible to understand our position on this topic.

What Bible translation does your ministry prefer?

We prefer to teach from the New Living Translation.  We prefer this translation because of its common everyday English reading style and ease of understanding across multiple age groups.  We however encourage those serious about understanding the deep meanings of the Bible's content to explore multiple translations when trying to find what a singular verse or chapter is saying versus what is printed literally. We provide New Living Translation Bibles for free to those in our service area (as available).

What denomination is your ministry?

We do not affiliate with any particular Christian Denomination.  We believe that: To be a believer and follower of Christ. Believing in God the Father. Believing the Holy Spirit. That God sent Jesus his Son to teach us. To pay for our sins on the cross. To rise from the grave, and ascend to heaven. That the Holy bible regardless of translative difference is the divinely inspired word of God and the guidebook for our lives. Is more than enough and that anything else is a difference in the perspective of [man] alone.

Where is your church located?

We do not have a fixed church or public accessible office location at this time.  Our goal is to remain fluid and bring the church to the people.  Our postal address is: 2945 Emmorton Road Unit #452 Abingdon, Maryland 21009-9998

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