Everyone Needs A Bible

We Love to have Bibles on hand to give new believers and people we visit who need one in our area.

We get these Bibles fairly cheap at about $2.40 each, or roughly $45.00 for a case of $18, but keeping them in stock on a shoestring budget can get challenging.

Help us keep these Bible on hand to spread God’s Word to those who really need it.


If you are in need of one of these Bibles, please contact us at 443-203-8238 Option 1, or email us at info@dimom.org. We deliver these Bibles face to face.

We do not ship Bibles outside of our areas of work or outside of the United States at this time.

Pastor Steve Delivers Bibles

Pastor Steve (Left) delivers Bibles to a young minister in Baltimore, Maryland to grow his work.