Hobbling Along

January 26th, 2021|

Hobbling Along Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland “Religion is nothing but a crutch!” Oh, how many times I have heard people say that. I've never spoken up to someone who has said it

Responses to a Social Media Muslim

June 2nd, 2020|

I follow and participate in many Christian Groups on social media. Occasionally, a post will arise from Muslims contending that Christianity is blatantly wrong and present what they (The Poster) believe to be supporting facts and trick questions from our own Christian Bible to support the claim. I suppose one could turn the Qur’an around on them, but then I would find that inappropriate for a Christian to fight fire with fire. Instead, I have taken to answering the questions they present instead of just reading and denouncing blindly. In my extensive response to a poster, I have proceeded to take on each one of the large barrages of questions they presented with their (Assumed) Christian responses. I present an actual “Educated Christian” response.


May 10th, 2020|

“Why does God not listen to me when I have tough times?” This is a question I’ve read in several various forms quite frequently lately on social media. I personally have been through many tough times, and I would be lying if I said the same question had not crossed my mind many times before I came to the understanding I have today. God hears everything and sees everything. Actually, he knows what is going to happen long before we can think about it. You may ask, “So why does God not answer my prayers?” The country music artist Garth Brooks recorded a great song titled Unanswered Prayers that talks about thanking God for not answering them. Sometimes God’s best work is not seen right away. Sometimes the smoke needs to clear away after the fire before the repairs can begin.

Hi I’m Your Neighbor

May 2nd, 2020|

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Chances are you are stuck at home with this COVID-19 Virus going on just like I am, and I'm sure you can think of a few others that are too. What would Jesus want us to be doing right now? The Author Charles Dickens wrote those words in his 1859 book A Tale of Two Cities. A story of two similar men who had opposite views on the world around them. We are all facing a major crisis right now worldwide with the Novel COVID-19 Virus Pandemic. The impact of this virus is now hitting the United States where I am really fast and hard.