Our Vision is to bring the Church to the people, encouraging a relationship with a Church Congregation and Jesus Christ. Offering ministry, teaching, and worship outside of the “Church Facility.” Just as the Apostles of Jesus Christ operated, a Church is anywhere a group no matter the size gather to teach, preach, and worship God. Our Vision mandate is to offer up these opportunities wherever they may develop.

Interest to our Vision:

  • Worship and Ministry at Parks.
  • Specific communities of need.
  • Worship Opportunities inside of Community’s (Common Areas, Community Centers, or events sponsored at the home of a Community Member)
  • Bring visibility of Christ to Highly active communities that have a lack of Church participation.
  • To help foster volunteers for outreach within the Community.
  • Supporting efforts for growing Churches by offering additional ministry activities in the Community to help bring attention to the Church and God’s Word.
  • To bring more people to Christ through unique worship opportunity.
  • Bolstering support for that community’s Christian congregations regardless of denomination.
  • To provide relief resources and additional ordained minister(s) for Churches struggling with Pastoral leadership issues that result from Pastors who may be dealing with illness.
  • To provide relief resources to Churches with an overload of Pastoral Care matters or an overwhelming number of “Shut In” visitation matters.
  • To provide to Churches that may not have a strong elder support structure or competently trained lay leaders. We would offer a helping hand to help raise leaders within that congregation and assist the Church Leadership in strengthening their Church Family.
  • To foster Christian growth to people who may be struggling with organized church aversions.
  • Chaplaincy Support during times of community distress or disaster. (providing additional Ministers and Christian Volunteers to Chaplaincy programs for First Responders, Military, or Emergency Aid Organizations).
  • Provide Emergency Consolation to those in need of prayer and support.

Diakonos Independent Ministries of Maryland is a non-denominational independent ministry. We are charged by prayer with spreading God’s Word and the glory of Jesus Christ wherever we can contribute to the Community. We have chosen to take a Non-Denomination position so that we can address ministry needs across the overall realm of Christ’s Church.