Prayer is Power

Prayer is the way we bring our concerns, thoughts, feelings, and desires to God.  We pray in Jesus’s name for the things we are thankful for, concerned about, need for, or weigh heavy on our hearts.  But, prayer does not always come with an immediate response or even the resolution we are looking for.  Some of the best-answered prayers are the ones we don’t get answered at all or lead to different outcomes.  God is all-knowing and all-wise, though we may not always understand he has a course for all of us to follow.  you can submit your prayer request to us using the form below.

Unfortunately, due to recent abuses of our prayer request submission system, we have been forced to take it offline. We have received terrible comments submitted through this resource. Thankfully these submission go through a screening process. We will be revamping this resource to be able to handle such abuse. In the meantime, you may submit prayer request by email at