Safety & Protection Practices:


Ministry leaders respect the inherent worth and dignity of all people and actively work to counter the forces of violence that inflict harm to individuals and communities. Such forms of violence and abuse include, but are not limited to, bias or discrimination based on race, gender, gender identity, age, class, nationality, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, and any other characteristic of human diversity. We strive to ensure that our words and deeds do not directly lead to physical, psychological, spiritual, or ritual abuse.

Meeting and Counseling of the Opposite Sex:

When one of our Ministers are Educating a member of the opposite sex or a minor, we strongly encourage them to bring a trusted friend or relative that they are comfortable talking openly in front of. In the case of a minor, we prefer them to have a relative over the age of 25 they are comfortable talking openly in front of. This is to promote a comfortable and relaxed environment for all involved regarding more sensitive discussion topics. If these conditions can not be arranged the minister reserves the right to cancel the appointment.

We will not discuss sensitive matters through online communications or by telephone.

Topics such as (But Not Limited To) Sexual Context, Drugs, Abuse, Suicide, Depression would be examples of sensitive topics. This will be determined by the responding minister, and alternative means or other resources may be directed to you on your behalf.

** Severe Depression / Suicidal Thoughts Policy **

Agreeing to Christian Education with our ministry you agree you will seek immediate emergency medical treatment for feelings of Severe Depression or thoughts of Suicide.

In the event that you contact one of our ministers exhibiting “Apparent” signs of Severe Depression or Eminent Suicidal Action, they may be inclined to acquire emergency resources on your behalf as is our policy for your safety and ours.

We would be glad to consol you and offer you support during any mental health crisis, but your safety and ours comes first.

Our Ministers Reserve The Right To Cancel Any Appointment They May Feel Is a Safety Risk with or without notice.

Our Ministers prefer to meet in public places or in the home if the situation allows. Our Ministers Reserve The Right To Decline a Meeting Location and Recommend an Alternative.

We strongly encourage the reporting of any inappropriate behavior to us.

Our ministers come from many different backgrounds, histories and lifestyles. We strive to match you with the right minister, but not every minister will be the right fit for your needs, if you are not comfortable with the minister you are provided please inform us, or tell the Minister and he/she will work with you to find a better resource.

Your Comfort, Security, and Confidentiality Is Our #1 Priority