Weathering The Storm

It has been a while since I wrote a blog article. In the unique situation I am in while writing this I find the extra time to catch up on things such as this. I am in a situation that has given me a lot of time to reflect on faith, and on this topic I want to share an illustrative story with you.

Hobbling Along

Hobbling Along “Religion is nothing but a crutch!” Oh, how many times I have heard people say that. I've never spoken up to someone who has said it in my presence in the past. Why, may you ask? Because the statement itself perplexed me, here is why. First off, [ Read More ]

Hi I’m Your Neighbor

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, Chances are you are stuck at home with this COVID-19 Virus going on just like I am, and I'm sure you can think of a few others that are too. What would Jesus want us to be doing right now? The Author Charles Dickens wrote those words in his 1859 book A Tale of Two Cities. A story of two similar men who had opposite views on the world around them. We are all facing a major crisis right now worldwide with the Novel COVID-19 Virus Pandemic. The impact of this virus is now hitting the United States where I am really fast and hard.

Losing Faith

Worship in an Evangelical Church, Lakewood Church.  No disrespect intended, I chose this photo for this article just as an example of large production worship. I have read several stories this month of Christian’s, mostly those in the spotlight of music and worship losing faith and withdrawing away from the Christian life.  I have to admit [ Read More ]

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